FreshCut Community Guidelines

Our mission is to provide the best place for social gaming and community, and to foster a safe, positive, and healthy community.

Please note: (1) they will evolve over time as we keep growing, (2) they apply to everyone who uses the app, the website, and any part of Freshcut service in any way such as Discord (including off-service conduct), (3) we encourage everyone in the community to report anything that violates our guidelines and to act as responsible members of the FreshCut community.

We need your help to build a healthy and respectful community.

FreshCut will investigate all reports and–if found in violation of these guidelines–will take appropriate action. All actions, including suspensions and bans, are final. Please respect the community and these guidelines.


  • Solicitation (except for legitimate content creation) for Diamonds may cause your account to be suspended and/or banned. This includes spamming comments for Diamonds, giveaways aimed at accumulating Diamonds, or any disingenuous behavior, especially those that do not help create a healthy community.
  • Specifically, you may not solicit Diamonds or followers in another user's comments section, promote your quests in other posts, ask for Diamonds in other posts, share your referral link in other posts, create repeated and/or disingenuous posts with giveaways asking for Diamonds, and/or engage in other repeated actions aimed at accumulating Diamonds.
  • Engaging in activities to accumulate Diamonds on content that is not your own creation may result in a suspension.


  • You must not engage in any activity that may endanger your safety or anyone else's.
  • Violence in any form, safety, threats, self-harm, extremism, terrorism and any other behaviors that impact safety of viewers, creators, and community members are prohibited.
  • Any posts, regardless of format (video or text) and/or any comments that glorify, promote, encourage, incite, or exhibit violence are forbidden.
  • In some cases we will take action based on reports on off-service conduct. These may be severe offenses incurred by a member of the community outside FreshCut services. Examples are harmful or illegal conduct in real life, on other platforms (ex. Twitch or Twitter), or any other non-FreshCut domain.


  • You must not attempt to impersonate another user or person or use the username of another user. Impersonating accounts of famous creators will result in a ban. You must be the owner of the account with which you authenticated and you must be of the permissible age allowed as stated in the FreshCut Terms of Service.
  • You must not engage in defamatory or libelous conduct towards any other person. FreshCut does not tolerate hateful conduct, prejudice, discrimination, harassment or violence.
  • Content that you post must be appropriate (ex. no nudity, no violence, no obscene conduct, no sexually explicit content, no drugs).
  • Your conduct within the app must also be appropriate (ex. no hateful conduct in comments, no username that would violate these guidelines).
  • Referencing other creator content must include platform and creator credits in content post and/or description.

Illegal Activity:

  • FreshCut requires that all users respect all local, national, and international applicable laws while using our services.
  • You cannot do anything unlawful, misleading, or fraudulent. This applies all your behavior on the platform and relative to all users in the community.
  • You own the rights or have relevant permissions or clearances to the content that you post. Content owners please report any believed rights violations to

Other Prohibited Conduct:

  • FreshCut does not allow the sharing of personal information, whether it is your own or another user's.
  • You may not engage in repetitive and recursive commenting and donating among friend groups in an attempt to earn quest rewards. In plain english, this behavior is aimed at farming quests, does not contribute to the community, pollutes comments, and may upset users. Please refrain from recursive donation, comment spam, begging for tips, and other behaviors aimed at farming quests.
  • You must not use emulators, automated scripts, task automation tools, or third-party software for purposes such as botting, automated comments, messaging, data robots, data gathering, or data extraction. Any behaviors which attempt to abuse the platform for any purposes including–but not limited to–cheating, scams, or compromising the security of the platform or of anyone in the community are strictly prohibited.
  • You must not engage in spam, soliciting, information gathering, or linking third party websites and services throughout the app.


  • FreshCut takes action based on reports. If there is conduct in our community that you find offensive and or that you believe violates our guidelines - please let us know by reporting the content within the app or by emailing
  • FreshCut encourages everyone in the community to report anything that violates our guidelines. FreshCut investigates every report and will take action where appropriate.
  • All actions, including bans, are final.

Again: to foster a positive and respectful community, FreshCut will investigate all reports and will take action upon those which are found to be in violation of these guidelines. All actions, including suspensions and bans, are final. Please respect the community and these guidelines.

Let's work together to build a healthy, supportive, and positive community!