Top 10 Super Smash Bros. Creators to Watch

FreshCut is the home of some of the world’s greatest Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Super Smash Bros Melee creators and competitors.

Adrian Arboleda

Thu Dec 08 2022

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FreshCut is the home of some of the world’s greatest Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Super Smash Bros Melee creators and competitors. Amongst our creators we can count the world’s best player (shoutout MKLeo), icons of the Smash scene, new era meme masters, and some of the best editors you’ll ever see. If you want the best Smash clips, we’ve got them on FreshCut!

Top 10 Smash creators to watch on FreshCut.


Leo is widely acknowledged as the world’s best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player in the world. He currently mains Byleth, Pyra, and Mythra and is also feared for his notorious Joker. Leo continues to dominate the competition, winning the 2021 SWT, Genesis, Rise N’ Grind, and is currently signed with T1.

You might have recently caught his iconic run at the Ludwig Invitational. Leaving us with a quote for all us to remember, “People really thought I wasn’t the best.”


The legend, and one of the Five Gods of Melee. Arguably the greatest Melee and Brawl player to pick up a controller and considered one of the greatest overall Smash players of all time. Known for his analytical approach to game and discoveries made testing day after day.

Check out this iconic 10 second kill at a tournament where he demonstrates maximum efficiency

Glutonnyssb (Gluto)

Gluto is the best Wario player in the world, one of the best Smash players in Europe, and the #1 player in France. With results like 1st place at Pound 2022, 2nd at Genesis and top 8 finishes at several other majors this year, his Wario is one to be reckoned with.

Watch Wario go to work


JoJo fans, where are you at? 😉Looking for Smash Montages? Zawarudo’s your guy! He makes crazy non stop meme montages about Smash Bros. You need to see it to believe it.

Want a taste of Zawarudo’s humor? Check out, no one can escape KAZUYA MISHIMA's taunt

Mr. E

Known for piloting Lucina & Marth to the next level, he’s defeated the best that Smash has to offer in sword dancing style. A great player, community figure, and a good friend of FreshCut.

Get a taste of that style with this sick tournament opener


The Smash Twitter meme-lord himself, 24k will leave you thinking to yourself “how does he come up with this stuff? 😂

Learn how to be SWAG with Jigglypuff


A top Samus player? Who would have thought…Sisqui is here! The best Dark Samus player, currently #17 in the world, #2 in the EU, and representing Giants, one of the largest Spanish esports orgs in the world.

Check out this Sisqui comeback!


The Mr. Game & Watch expert himself and a legend in his own right. Putting up consistent results competitively and someone you always have to watch for and currently repping Luminosity Gaming. Don’t get 9’d!

Reverse Uno card!


Ganondorf master. Edit maker extraordinaire. Hailing from the land Down Under, ZION’s editing game is one like no other.

Zion x Pizzadog, instant comedy


Prolific meme master known for his fire edits in the Smash insta community, he now showcases the best of his content on FreshCut. When Pizza & Zion join forces it’s a thing of beauty.

Thanos vs. Deadpool edit

Honorable Mention

Mr R

Widely considered one the best European Smash players, taking sets off the best in the world with his flashy style. Sheik master!


Another Smash legend on FreshCut, Larry Lurr is known as one of the best Falco and Wolf players in the world.


Zelda main…secondary Sephrioth. Check them out for sick clips and Smash tips!


All the highlights from the world’s best Bowser.


Longtime member of the Smash scene + Evo2022 Multiversus champion with Nakat

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