Tips and Tricks on Discoverability on FreshCut

6 ways to make your short form content stand out from the crowd

Kim Fogg (kimmieriot)

Tue Nov 22 2022

4 min read

6 ways to make your short form content stand out

We all know creators want to stand out from the crowd. Content discovery can be challenging given the volume of creators and short form content available across platforms like FreshCut, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. At FreshCut, we’re building a home for gaming highlights and we wanted to share a few tips on ways to have your content stand out.

Here’s some of our top tips for discoverability on FreshCut, and other short-form content platforms:

Good Content 👍

I mean, duh, obviously you’ve got to have good content.

But it is super important.

If your content doesn’t make someone laugh, smile, or even jump scare… it’s likely that the viewer won’t share or engage with your content, all in all limiting the reach on your video.

Putting in the extra time to make an edit, add music, or even subtitles, can make all the difference. Remember that most people will be watching content with sound off, and on mobile - So optimizing your content for this is a great start.
Make sure the first few seconds of the clip are the most catchy… you don’t want the viewer to swipe off, it’s crucial to grab their attention in these first few seconds!

Swiftor does a great job at kicking his videos off with a bang, along with the subtitles.

Friendly reminder that you don’t necessarily have to be a pro at games to get views on clips. If you’ve got a cracking personality, make sure that shines through in your content! Find your niche.

Eye-catching Thumbnail

Who remembers the days of those whacky YouTube thumbnails that your brain simply could not avoid clicking? Things still haven’t changed much since, and grabbing users attention within the first second or two is KEY.

A vibrant, click-worthy thumbnail can help a ton with this - whether it’s adding text, or some elements of the clip that’ll stand out (i.e BIG EXPLOSION and clear text) 😅

FreshCut partner Lanaslifeee does an epic job with the thumbnails, make sure to check her out and get some inspiration!


You may have heard the phrase ‘Consistency = Key’, and it 100% plays a part in being a successful content creator and being discovered.

A sweet spot for uploading content would be once a day, but always keep in mind quality over quantity. Never post a half-assed piece just because you don’t want to miss a day, it’s okay to take a break here and there!

This is where scheduling will become your new best friend. Have plans on the weekend? Going on a vacation with the fam? Schedule content ahead of time so you don’t have huge gaps in your content calendar. Our scheduling feature in the Creator Studio is super easy to use, too 😍


Tags (or hashtags) are integrated onto content platforms for good reason. They basically help your content get discovered, by the right people.

On FreshCut, make sure to use our tagging feature and adjust them to fit your needs. For example, got a sick play on Flag Wars? Use the tags ‘Flag Wars’, ‘Roblox’, and maybe throw in ‘RobloxEdit’ too! It’s also worth noting that taking part in FreshCut Challenges can help a ton with discoverability, these are often the top trending tags on our platform which appear on the Discover tab and homepage ✅

Promote Yourself!

There’s not much better than actually promoting your content on other platforms that you own. Got a new FreshCut upload? Spread the word by posting it on your Twitter, IG etc… or even give it a shoutout on your Twitch stream. Tap into your audiences on different channels and grow them together.

Stream Alerts are a cool feature we’ve developed to help connect your live streaming experience (on Twitch) with your short form content experience (on FreshCut). Set these up in your streaming software so your fans who tip you on FreshCut get their name shown live on stream so you can give them a shoutout.

FreshCut Stream Alerts Video

This can help with getting more eyes on your gaming content.

From the FreshCut app, you can easily share your content by clicking on the ‘share’ icon, and post to a platform of your choice!

Engage with Your Community

One of the best tips we could ever give to a creator is to simply engage with your community, and even expand to others.

Make it a habit to reply to and like user comments and Diamond tips. This can give your fans a real sense of community and loyalty, and they’ll often come back every time, if you give them a little of your own. Get to know your supporters.

Our Partner, Mytheros, does an excellent job of this!

Typically, more engagement on a post can help with discoverability, as you’ll often appear higher up on the page. You could even engage with other creators on the platform too, and give each other a helping hand 🤝. Collabs anyone?

All in all, best practices for discoverability can vary from platform to platform - but it’s really down to the creator as to whether their content will shine above the rest. We hope these tips and tricks can give you some insights on best practices! Feel free to join the discussion on Discord with our community and other creators alike ❤️

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