Short Form Content Platforms: Where to Start?

As a gaming creator, where should you start on your short form content journey? Let’s explore the best places to share your short form content given different factors.

Frank Shotwell

Mon Jan 09 2023

4 min read

Short form content has taken the world by storm, defining our culture through viral clips and trends. As a gaming creator, you might be wondering where to embark on your own short form content journey. Let's delve into the top destinations for sharing your amazing creations, taking into account various factors.

Spoiler alert: You should aim to share your short form content across as many platforms as you can comfortably manage. Although it might seem like additional effort, expanding your presence across multiple platforms offers numerous benefits that make it a win-win situation.

  1. Diversify and Reduce Dependence: By spreading your content across different platforms, you safeguard yourself against risks associated with relying too heavily on a single platform. This helps mitigate potential algorithmic changes that could hamper your discoverability, as well as the risks of platform shutdowns, bans, or losing access.
  2. Reach a Variety of Users: Each platform attracts a unique user base, allowing you to connect with diverse communities. By embracing multiple platforms, you expand your reach and foster a growing and engaged community.
  3. Experiment and Optimize: Different platforms exhibit distinct content performance characteristics. Use this opportunity to experiment with various styles and formats, discovering what resonates best with each platform's audience. Tailoring your content to specific platforms can yield remarkable results, whether it's FreshCut, TikTok, Shorts, or beyond.
  4. Monetization and Creator Support: Different platforms offer varying opportunities for monetization and creator support. Explore the diverse features and benefits each platform provides, and leverage them to maximize your earnings and receive the support you deserve.
  5. Leverage Social Dynamics: Consider the dynamics of being a big creator on a smaller platform or a small creator on a larger platform. These scenarios offer unique advantages and challenges, and by understanding the social dynamics at play, you can strategically position yourself for success.

To begin your journey, start by cross-posting your content across multiple platforms. Once you establish a consistent posting cadence and presence across these channels, you can venture into creating custom content tailored to each platform's preferences and formats. You might find that certain styles thrive on FreshCut while others excel on TikTok or Shorts, or perhaps your content resonates across all platforms.

By embracing the power of short form content and leveraging various platforms, you'll unlock a world of opportunities for growth, engagement, and success as a gaming creator. Get ready to captivate audiences, spark trends, and leave a lasting impact on the thriving landscape of short form content.


FreshCut is great for creators who want to make the most of their short form content. Use FreshCut if you want to tap into an up-and-coming platform focused only on gaming content and the community. It’s more than just a content platform, FreshCut is also holds events, tournaments, clip challenges, creator competitions, and has an active Discord community.

Anyone can monetize right away on FreshCut with Diamond Tipping. Partners on FreshCut can go a step further and tap into the $1,000,000 Creator Fund.


Want to go viral? Get huge amounts of views and follows? You can tap into TikTok’s massive user base of billions of user and its algorithm which enables you to be seen by more eyes than any other platform. TikTok offers some on-platform monetization features but the best option for creators is to monetize their following via brand partnerships.

If you’re good at spotting (or making trends), editing fun short form clips that can capture a viewer’s attention, and understanding what drives the algorithm, you should check out TikTok.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube is rapidly gaining ground on TikTok. Tap into the massive audience of YouTube watchers as well as Google search results. There’s also an opportunity to “blow up” on Shorts before it gets as big as TikTok as well. More creator monetization options are coming in 2023 for YouTube Partners.

If you already upload VOD content/long form video content to YouTube and have a community there, even better. Shorts can complement your existing content. Most creators recommend adding Shorts to your existing channel instead of starting a separate one.

Similar to FreshCut, Shorts also has sponsored challenges from time to time like the Taylor Swift “#TSAntiHeroChallenge” - although we have yet to see any gaming specific ones. These are good for tapping into popular culture and trends that can be popular with viewers.

Instagram Reels

Reels is another platform that taps into its massive existing userbase, in this case, Instagram users. Facebook is investing heavily in Reels to keep up with TikTok and Shorts. While not focused on gaming, it can still offer a big audience for gaming related content, gaming culture, and memes.

If you already post on Instagram, posting Reels can further help to build out your Instagram persona and brand. Like other platforms, the larger your account, the more likely you’re able to monetize it via brand sponsorships or creator fund payouts for views.

If you’re not active on Instagram as a creator, Reels is a great place to start as you can use similar content to Shorts and TikTok!


Different short form content platforms are good at different things and have different value propositions. Some offer potential virality while others offer a more focused experience and superior monetization tools. As you look to grow and level up as a creator, make sure to explore how different content does on different platforms. Certain platforms may be best used to drive awareness and grow your brand - while others may have more impact on engaging your community and monetization. Think of these different platforms as tools in your creator toolbox. Find what works and double down on it!

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