FreshCut Quests: Earn Diamonds by Taking Actions that Support the Community

Complete quests in the app and get diamonds as rewards. Use diamonds to tip other creators. Watch content -> support creators -> be part of the community

george kurdin

Sat Nov 26 2022

3 min read

We continue to build things that are rooted in 2 principles: (1) features based on your ideas and feedback, (2) features that help grow the FreshCut community. Similar to tipping, our goal with our in-app quests is to elevate the community and to encourage positive behaviors.

Let’s break it down.  

What are quests?

  • Complete quests in the app and get Diamonds as rewards. Use Diamonds to tip other creators.
  • Watch content -> support creators -> be part of the community
  • Quests are exactly what they sound like. Simple!

What are some examples of quests in the FreshCut app?

  • Watch clips and playlists. Discover new creators and watch the clips of the ones you already follow.
  • Engage with creators and members of the community. Support others by tipping Diamonds. Write a witty comment. Share a clip on twitter. Follow others.
  • Invest in yourself. Upload your first clip. Finish the onboarding. Verify your account.

These are just some of the main quest themes.  

What do I get out of quests?

  • First, you get Diamonds for completion. Today you can use Diamonds to tip support your favorite creators in comments. When you do that - you also get to bump your comments so they stand out. Soon you will be able to use Diamonds for other things - for example - purchasing Freshcut premium merch. More to come.
  • Second, you help elevate the entire platform. Communities are built from the ground up by individuals. Investing in the community, supporting others in the community, and taking actions that reinforce positive feedback loops within the community (i.e. verifying your account, writing a clever comment that goes viral, sharing a video of a creator you follow on Twitter) will lift everyone up. All of the positive and supportive actions will compound and connect to lift everyone up. Rising tide lifts all boats.

How do quests work?

  • Go to your profile and you will see several quests
  • Start taking actions and watch progress ramp up
  • Claim quests and earn Diamonds
  • Quests are refreshed daily @ 8AM PST
  • That’s it!  

This is a beta, right? So what’s next?

  • We are never done. As with all the features - we will keep improving based on what we learn from you.
  • You should expect to see changes to the quests system (i.e. different rewards, new quests) to lead to a net healthier ecosystem so heads up. We may not get everything right on v1, but with your support and with some time - we will dial it in.

Anything I should know about when it comes to v1 of quests?

  • Give it a sec for progress to reflect. Pull down the profile tab to refresh the quests system. Progress will increment. But it may take a few seconds (or minutes).
  • <Share quest>: whoever you share with should watch your content. Only then will it count towards progress. Just sharing the link is not enough. We want to reward behaviors that benefit you and benefit the ecosystem (i.e. watching your clips, tipping to you/others, commenting), not just opening the app.
  • Quests are distributed randomly, so not everyone will have the same quests on day 1, but eventually everyone will complete the same quests
  • There is a bucket of pre-set quests that took months to design. They are distributed randomly. So not everyone will have the same quests on day 1, but eventually everyone will get exposed to the same quests.

Any issues or feedback? Let us know in Discord. We are with you.

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