Meet Your FreshCut Rising Star Finalists

Creators will go “head to head” four at a time during the live voting stage of FreshCut Rising Star

Frank Shotwell

Thu Dec 15 2022

1 min read

And then there were 12! Congrats to our Rising Star Finalists. Thanks to the community, we’ve got our creators that will move on to the live stage. But it’s not over yet, you can still vote and help your favorite creators to advance to the finals.

What’s the live voting show?

Creators will go “head to head” four at a time during the live voting stage.

Each creator will have a 20 minute slot to showcase themselves LIVE in front of three judges and the community. Judges will be live on on the FreshCut Twitch channel viewing and interviewing the contestants.

One creator from each night will move to the LIVE final on Friday, December 23.

All 3 judges get 2 votes for each night, which they can split or cast both for the same creator. The community will receive 1 vote each night, via a chat poll. The live entry with the most votes moves on to the final.

Check out the stream schedule and tune in to support your favorite creators via chat vote!

  • Monday Live Vote - 6pm EST, ItsMastodon, GoatR2, Drizzy
  • Tuesday Live Vote - 6pm EST, ItsMastodon, TheRavenArmed, Janell
  • Wednesday Live Vote - 4pm EST, ItsMastodon, Theonemanny, Sali
  • Friday Finals - 6pm EST, ItsMastodon, AshSaidHi, and HiDro

See you on stream!

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