Introducing FreshCut Rising Star, our $10k+ Creator Competition

We’re looking for the most dynamic, exciting, and fun creators to show their stuff for a chance to win a share of $10,000.

Frank Shotwell

Wed Nov 30 2022

3 min read

Do you have what it takes to be the first FreshCut Rising Star?

We’re looking for the most dynamic, exciting, and fun creators to show their stuff for a chance to win a share of $10,000. From November 30th to December 16th, creators can upload their entries to the FreshCut Studio using #RisingStar. In 60 seconds, showcase your content, creativity, and community. The FreshCut community and a panel of 12 awesome judges will select who moves on in each round as you strive to become the next FreshCut Rising Star!

1st through 4th place will split a share of $10,000 ($5000, $3000, $1250, $750) as well as a ton of awesome prizes from brands. There will also be lots of rewards and giveaways for community members.

Without our awesome sponsors and judges it would be impossible to run this event! Please go check them out and drop them a follow!

FreshCut Rising Star Sponsors

FreshCut Rising Star Judges

How to Enter FreshCut Rising Star

The initial entry should showcase the best parts of your content, make it engaging, funny or skillful - just show us YOU. It must be uploaded to under the #RisingStar!

We’re going to look at every single entry and base it on the following:

  • Interaction and engagement along with flow and consistency
  • Entertainment, enjoyable to watch, and well thought out
  • Branding, design, and theme of the Twitch channel
  • Technical knowledge of stream such as audio levels, camera placement, lighting
  • Skill and knowledge of the game or genre chosen to showcase

How are Entries Selected?

12 entries will make it to the live stage, with 4 entries based off of performance.

  • The most liked entry
  • The most shared entry
  • The top trending (mixture of views, likes, comments, shares, and tips)
  • The most tipped entry (diamonds can be earned through quests, giveaways and events on FreshCut! You can use these diamonds on your favourite creators/entries)
  • 8 entries selected by the FreshCut team*

    *24 entries will be selected by a panel of the FreshCut team and voted down to 8 by the FreshCut community on Sunday, December 18 on

In the event that one entry is the top of multiple categories (e.g most liked and most shared) the entry in the 2nd position will be selected.

The Live Stage

Contestants who make it to the live show will have a 20 minute slot to showcase themselves LIVE in front of 3 judges and the community. Creators will join the judges for a short interview before their live entry and for a follow up after their entry to receive their feedback.

  • Contestants must be live on their own channel
  • Judges will be live on viewing the contestants channel

The Voting Process

24 entries will be selected for a community voting round to choose 8 finalists. The Top 8 is decided by community chat vote on Sunday, December 18, time TBD.

The 12 finalists (top 8 selected by community + top liked, shared, trending, and tipped) will then be on live shows from December 19 - 21. Creators will go “head to head” four at a time on and one creator from each night will move to the LIVE final on Friday December 23.

All 3 judges get 2 votes for each night, which they can split or cast both for the same creator. The community will receive 1 vote each night, via a chat poll. The live entry with the most votes progresses to the final (any ties go to a chat vote). Entries not included in the tie will not be included in the chat vote.

The Finals

During the final, voting remains the same with placements and prize splits being revealed. In the event of a tie, the community will vote on the tied creators - without knowledge of what placements are tied.

The Prizing

1st place


2nd place


3rd place


4th place


1 editor for 3 months 

AdvancedGG - 1 x Focus & Shaker

Gamers Advantage - 1 x Pair of glasses

Hystar - 1 x Mousepad

Throne - up to $100 items from your wishlist

Gamer Goo - 1 x Multipack

GGWP Academy - G435 Headphones, G213 Prodigy keyboard, Blue Yeti Mics,  G305 Mouse

Gamer Sleeve - 1 x Gamer Sleeve

Sizzle Popcorn - 1 x Sizzle Popcorn  

And all the brand prizes of 1st place

And all the brand prizes of 1st place

And all the brand prizes of 1st place

Holiday Hamper Giveaway

To be revealed 👀

Read additional rules and guidelines here. Make sure to join our Discord to get the latest updates and information as FreshCut Rising Star progresses!

Can you leave us star struck?

Good luck!

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