How to add FreshCut Diamonds to Metamask

Learn how to add FreshCut Diamonds to your MetaMask Wallet.

Ken Wattana

Thu Dec 01 2022

1 min read

  1. Add the Polygon network to MetaMask. Visit, connect your wallet, and click the “Add to Metamask” button below “Polygon Mainnet” and click “Approve” in Metamask.
  2. Go to the “Assets” section of your wallet and click “Import Tokens” and then “Custom Token”. Under ‘Token Contract Address’, paste 0xf78610D0a197842bF98ca45254897edd13c5D182 The Token Symbol (FCD) and Token Decimal (18) will populate automatically.

⚠️ If you believe you are interacting with FCD, please triple-check the contract address to confirm it is, indeed, FCD. Always be cautious of malicious actors looking to take advantage of the $FCD ticker symbol. ⚠️

Official token contract address: 0xf78610D0a197842bF98ca45254897edd13c5D182 [Polygon/MATIC Network Only]

Always triple-check that you are interacting with the right token by referencing this contract address.

Please note: Nothing in this article should be construed as financial advice or an encouragement to buy or sell FCD. The FCD token is a virtual currency that enables limited forms of participation in the FreshCut ecosystem. It is not an investment product. Please refrain from any discussion on trading or speculation in the official FreshCut channels.

Transacting in cryptocurrencies carries risks including but not limited to fluctuating market prices and cybersecurity risks, and may not be suitable for all FreshCut users. Before deciding to transact in FCD, users should consider their objectives. FreshCut Interactive, Inc. is not affiliated with and does not operate any trading platform on which FCD is traded. FreshCut Interactive, Inc. is not responsible for any losses, damages, or claims arising out of, or in any way connected with, the purchase or sale of FCD, including on secondary trading platforms. Users of FCD are solely responsible for determining what, if any, tax obligations apply to their FCD transactions.

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