How FreshCut Empowers Gaming Communities

FreshCut rewards participation across the entire gaming community and uses new tech to drive engagement and community value, not change what you play or watch. Learn how

Ken Wattana

Wed Nov 16 2022

5 min read

Gaming content is a multi-billion dollar industry. Most if not all of the value from esports and user generated content goes back to the platform. It’s time for content platforms to give creators a bigger slice of the pie and to develop new features that let viewers capture the value they contribute to the ecosystem. We built FreshCut to enable gaming creators to publish high quality short form content, connect fans with their favorite creators, and share value with the entire community for their contributions.

FreshCut’s mission is to connect creators and fans by showcasing the best gaming entertainment and reward the community for their passion and support. Let’s dive in.

Aligning incentives across the gaming content ecosystem

FreshCut is your home for short form gaming content

While viewership for gaming content continues to grow, gaming fans haven’t yet found a dedicated space to publish, watch, and engage with high quality short form content. The discovery features on existing content platforms generally don’t benefit creators aside from the A-list influencers prioritized by the likes of Twitch and YouTube — most of whom are contracted to focus on live-streaming and long-form videos to draw maximum ad viewing. And since these businesses cater to an ever-growing array of non-gaming content creators, it’s increasingly difficult for new creators within the gaming space to break out, regardless of what their content format is.

That’s why FreshCut is creating a home for short form gaming content that rewards creators and viewers in refreshing new ways. We’re connecting creators and fans through gaming’s best moments and innovative features for a superior creator-fan engagement experience, including curated playlists and an endless scroll of gaming-focused content. We showcase content from up-and-coming gaming personalities as well as that of famous creators such as Iron, Justin Wong, Uminokaiju, Cuddle_Core, Mr E, and Jericho. Watch high-quality user-generated gaming highlights from popular games like Smash, League of Legends, and Warzone as well as top esports content including Smash World Tour and EVO, with more to come.

The short form nature of our content makes it easy for users to enjoy their favorite hits while also discovering exciting new creators. We’re built for creators who want authentic relationships with their fans and for their content to be discovered, as well as fans who want an experience optimized to their personal viewing preferences. Our community can also participate in events with their favorite FreshCut creators and friends.

FreshCut rewards participation across the entire gaming community

Currently, gaming content creators struggle to make a living due to how most leading content platforms are structured. Monolithic, centralized short form platforms like Instagram and TikTok are very limiting when it comes to creator-to-fan interaction. Even when tipping/patronage options are provided much of this value is captured by the platform, not the creator. Creators essentially have no agency within the platforms they help build, even if they’re consistently drawing a large audience and occupy the top ranks of the creator economy. Platforms aren’t inclined to change revenue sharing policies (some of which are close to zero today) if they continually get new creators willing to accept these poor terms.

FreshCut is flipping the script by allowing creators to capture the value they create on our platform and rewarding fans for their contributions to the community — and giving both creators and fans the ability to propose and vote on new platform decisions.

Skilled gamers and top creators are the stars of the gaming community. That’s why FreshCut is building creator-centric features that will reward the most active and engaging creators for their contributions to the platform. That said, we can’t emphasize enough how essential a creator’s community and fanbase are — they’re appreciated but don’t get to participate in their creator’s success. FreshCut is building a first of its kind reward system that will enable creators to thank their fans and enable them to earn more platform rewards the more active they are.

FreshCut uses new tech to drive engagement and community value, not change what you play or watch

Recently web3 technology has gained a lot of popularity in the startup and tech communities — but hasn’t resonated with the broader gaming community. Many gaming fans and creators don’t connect with these projects because they’re still filled with complex techno-jargon, slant toward DeFi/GameFi and trading, instead of pure, simple, enjoyable gaming entertainment. We love good games and good content.

At FreshCut, we think this is the wrong perception of what web3 really means. To us — web3 isn’t about farming tokens or boring games that look like they’re from the 1990s — but about the exciting uses of new technology to give power and value back to the community. It’s also a shift in the way platforms do business — sharing value created by the community’s contributions instead of extracting it.

FreshCut operates under the belief that there’s a better way to use innovative web3 technologies to benefit fans and creators. That’s why FreshCut is neither purely a gaming nor a Web3 platform, but rather a bridge between the two worlds. Next-generation content platforms should elevate the creator-to-fan engagement experience and give back to the creators and fans that make it successful with their contributions of time and content.

Connecting the gaming content industry with the best of web3

FreshCut is just getting started

When it comes to content discovery, fan engagement, and revenue sharing, the current gaming industry is falling short. Creators are taken advantage of by today’s mega short form content platforms that take all of the revenue and share little back. It’s not enough for most creators to survive! Fans have no stake in the platforms they help to build, even though they’re constantly being targeted for ad revenue and adding value to gaming creators through grassroots marketing efforts and viewership. Legacy platforms want the content and engagement from creators, but have little interest in putting creator economic interests ahead of shareholders and profit.

At FreshCut we aim to create a unique user experience for high quality short form gaming content with a monetization model that rewards all performing creators and their communities on and off the FreshCut platform. The FreshCut platform already features an exciting array of content from the world’s top gamers, and we’ll be launching a full slate of user-centric features and rewards very soon.

If you’re a gaming fan with an appetite for quality content and an interest in a new way to support creators, join our Discord and stay tuned for more updates!

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