FreshCut's Best League of Legends Clips of the Month - December

FreshCut is the home of some of the world’s best League of Legends moments.

Mark Salvacion

Tue Dec 20 2022

2 min read

FreshCut is the home of some of the world’s best League of Legends moments. Whether you’re Challenger or still trying to make it out of Bronze, there’s something for everyone as creators on FreshCut are outplaying the competition.

Get ready for League Season 13 and Patch 13.1 by checking out some of this month’s best League of Legends clips, all by creators on FreshCut.

V1gorous1 - Unstoppable Samira

V1gorous1 demonstrating how Samira can be an absolute menace in the right hands. Left alone to defend the base, Samira uses perfect target selection to stack her passive and completely melt the enemy team with Inferno Trigger.

Basickz - Yi + Jak’sho = rito pls

With the introduction of Jak’Sho, nothing’s stopping champions like Master Yi to be even more annoying to deal with. The Bonus resistances and life drain give Yi that extra bulk he was lacking while vulnerable outside of his Alpha Strike.

Nikkins  - Commitment Issues

Nothing embodies an ADC player more than being baited into a 1v1 fight they can’t win. Unfortunately, once you commit to the fight like this Jinx, it’s unlikely you’re escaping a champion as persistent as Gwen.

PrestigeGalaxy - Kat the Tank

Looks like Tank-Kat will continue into the new season with an even more troublesome Jak’sho plus Demonic Embrace build. You can see the synergy of these two items work well against squishier teams, keeping her tanky enough to apply each item’s passive consistently throughout extended teamfights.

Jhinocyde - Quadra too easy

Can we appreciate Kayn for his commitment to the lore and walking away from the final kill, letting Jhin have his quadra? The man loves his fours…

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