FreshCut Update: In-App Quests, Shop and Referral Quest

We’re super excited to go over the next update of FreshCut, bringing some exciting features including fan-favorite in-app quests, a Diamond Shop and our referral quest.

Frank Shotwell

Mon May 01 2023

4 min read

What’s up, FreshCut community! We’re super excited to go over the next update of FreshCut, bringing some exciting features including fan-favorite in-app quests, a Diamond Shop and our referral quest. Let’s dive in 👇

💰 In-App Quests Are Back!

We know how much you love our quests, and we're excited to announce their return.

With a new Daily Streak system and additional quest types, you'll be able to earn more rewards than ever before. Plus, completing quests will help you earn diamonds, which can be redeemed in our Diamond Shop. Remember, to redeem diamond rewards, you must have a valid phone number attached to your account.

Want a new quest? We’ve added a new feature where you can replace a current quest for as little as 2 Diamonds!

💎 Diamond Shop

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our Diamond Shop, starting with Robux, Amazon Gift Cards and Nintendo Gift Cards! We will continue to add more items to redeem like physical merch, Riot Points, Valorant Points in-game skins, and more.

So, keep an eye out for new exciting items added to the shop regularly. Visit the shop to redeem those hard-earned diamonds for digital items and more 💎

🤝 Referral Quest

Sharing is caring, right? 😜

Spread the word about FreshCut with our new referral system! Refer your friends and earn 25 diamonds for both you and your bud. Partners get a special bonus for referring members of their community - 100 diamonds for them and 25 for the user referred.

Your referral code is your username, and existing users can redeem a partner's referral code retroactively through Promo Code redemption in the app's settings. Head over to the quests section in the app to grab your own unique code!


How many times can I do the Referral Quest?

A lot. Each month you can refer up to 2,500 new unique persons. If you’re interested in a higher limit, please ask at or open a ticket and we can discuss a custom plan!

What other items will be coming to the Diamond Shop?

We chose to start with Robux, as Robux Gift Cards aren’t region locked. We then added Amazon Cards and Nintendo eShop cards shortly after! We will look to bring items like Valorant Points, Riot Points, FreshCut Merchandise and more over the coming weeks/months.

How can I claim Quest rewards?

Make sure to attach your phone number to your account to claim Quests. You can still complete Quests without your number attached, but you need it to claim the rewards. Don't miss out on those sweet, sweet Diamonds!

My Quest isn't showing as completed, what should I do?

No need to panic. Give it a few minutes and pull down to refresh on the Quests screen. If that doesn't work, force close the app. If you're still having trouble, reach out to us on Discord and we'll do our best to help ASAP.

How can I complete the Referral Quest?

To complete the Referral Quest, your friend needs to enter your referral code when signing up AND claim the Word of Mouth quest (which requires phone auth). Once they do that, you'll get credit for the Friends with Benefits quest. It's a win-win for everyone!

I forgot to enter my Referral code during sign-up, can I still apply it retroactively?

Absolutely! If you joined FreshCut before this update or forgot to enter a Referral code during sign-up, head to the app settings -> Enter Promo Code screen to retroactively apply a Referral. Just keep in mind that you can currently only use a Partner account's referral code for this retroactive path.

I’m stuck on a quest and don’t want to complete it. What should I do?

You now have the ability to refresh it with a new Quest for a small price (2 Diamonds). You get one Quest refresh per day.

Have more questions? Head over to our Discord.

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