FreshCut Update: Transforming the Creator Economy

90% revenue share for creators, new features, stream alerts and more. Let's go!

Ken Wattana

Wed Nov 16 2022

6 min read

Revolutionizing the short form content game

What have we been up to in the last 6 months since FreshCut launched? We’ve been in the lab building out the FreshCut platform for the best up-and-coming creators and community in gaming.

Let’s check out everything we’ve done so far and preview what’s coming up. We’re launching some huge features in the next few weeks and have big plans for 2023.

New Product Launch — In-App Wallet, Creator Tipping, and Stream Alerts

This week we launched one of our biggest features so far — our in-app wallet and creator tipping with FreshCut Diamonds!

Diamonds are now integrated into the FreshCut app. With our proprietary wallet, you can manage, send, receive, and transfer your Diamonds. We’ve built the first in-app wallet for a gaming content platform in the world.

The wallet also powers creator tipping. We’re making a splash and giving creators 90% of FreshCut Diamond tips received on the platform. This industry-leading revenue share is core to FreshCut’s mission to help creators monetize their short form content far better than the big, legacy tech giants. TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch all take between 30–50% of creator tips on their platforms. Creators deserve better, this is why Diamonds are a creator’s best friend. Check out all the details in this blog.

Want to start tipping creators? You just need to have some Diamonds in your FreshCut wallet. We’re running lots of quests this week to make it fun and easy for you to get Diamonds to tip creators. Head on over to our Discord to find out how to participate. And also, stay tuned in the coming weeks, Quests will be live in-app for seamless engagement and use.

Stream Alerts

We’ve also launched a custom FreshCut Twitch Stream Alert. Anytime you tip a creator on FreshCut who’s live on Twitch with this feature activated, a notification will pop up on stream that you just tipped them with Diamonds. Creators are loving this unique feature as it helps bridge the gap between a creator’s live experience (Twitch) and their short form content experience (FreshCut). We believe that fans and creators should be able to connect with each other in as many valuable ways as possible.

Want to see this in action? Check if any of these creators are LIVE. If they are and you tip them on FreshCut, you’ll see your tip notification appear on stream! The creator’s entire audience will see the alert too! See stream alerts in this highlight reel!

FreshCut Creator Fund

We’ve stayed true to our commitment to supporting creators early and have rewarded more than $50,000 to FreshCut creators from the $1M FreshCut Creator Fund. As we expand our suite of features and community events, we’ll be introducing more ways for Creators to engage with fans and earn from the Fund. Through our tools and services such as tipping, we envision a world where creators can sustainably earn for their works. If you’re a creator, please come check us out.

New Creators

We’ve teamed up with many awesome creators in the past months — make sure you’re in our Discord or following us on Twitter to get regular updates. We wanted to spotlight some of the notable names that have joined FreshCut.

  • MK Leo — The King. The world’s #1 Smash Ultimate player shares all his highlights on FreshCut. Watch his recent domination at the Ludwig Invitational, only on FreshCut.
  • Brycent — An Advisor to FreshCut and the leading web3 gaming content creator. Brycent is a visionary community builder and creator, check out his best clips.
  • C9 Naughty — Top Apex player with Cloud9, Naughty posts all his best clips to FreshCut. Keep your eye out for monthly FreshCut events hosted by Naughty.
  • Swiftor — Legendary Call of Duty Creator well known for his iconic “Swiftor Says” lobbies. Find his best clips on FreshCut.
  • Limitless eSports — An up and coming esports and media org with top quality players and talent. Catch all their content on FreshCut.

Community — The FreshCut Fam

We held two major seasonal community events earlier this year, FreshCut Summer and FreshCut Fall, that provided spotlight entertainment for our creators and fans. Through a series of weekly events such as our $1K’s for Fortnite, VALORANT and Falls Guys tournaments, we’ve expanded the times and places you can hang with the FreshCut community and your favorite creators. To date, we’ve run hundreds of events, had the community complete thousands of quests, and shared hundreds of thousands of Diamonds with new community members. Each week we feature a new slate of events hosted by amazing FreshCut creators — come join us in the fun! FreshCut Discord

Event Presence — It’s Nice to See You

This year we were a headline partner to EVO supporting the world’s top fighting game tournament at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Nothing was better than hanging with both new and old FreshCut players, creators and fans, and to top it all off, we’re super proud of Nakat and Void, both FreshCut Partners, for taking 1st place in the inaugural global Multiversus tournament. We also hosted a special gathering at TwitchCon for FreshCut creators and members and we’re energized by the amount of interest we drew from new users. We’re glad to be back in person with all of our community members.

The Roadmap — What’s Coming Soon

Quests — Engagement & Rewards for Fans and Creators

Later this month we’re releasing Quests in our mobile app. Both fans and creators will be able to seamlessly participate in fun, engaging activities that unlock recurring Diamond rewards. Save up those Diamonds and make it rain on your favorite Creator on the grind!

UPDATE: Quests are now live in the FreshCut app!

Opening the FreshCut Platform to All Creators

In a few weeks, we’ll be making one of the biggest updates to the FreshCut platform. By heavy, popular demand, we’re enabling any user to post content to FreshCut! Any gamer, creator, fan or pro memer will be able to share their best moments with their communities and friends.

To kick off this launch, we’re introducing FreshCut Challenges, which are recurring weekly creator competitions where anyone can submit their best moments for a chance to win big. May the best creator win!

Stay tuned for more details on this front.

2023 — The Year of The Diamond

What will the new year bring?

  • Creator Tools — new tools and services that make it easier to create, edit and publish content
  • Subscription Product — we’re working on something different here, and the success of this initiative of course will benefit the creator community
  • Commerce — make it easier for users to buy and earn Diamonds to use in FreshCut (e.g. Tipping is our first expansion in this area)
  • Events — multiple unannounced event productions and partnership underway — all to highlights creators and the gaming community in a big way.
  • Membership — the next evolution of our membership program. New benefits and expanded offerings for our most loyal community members.
  • New Merch — powered by Diamonds — existing and new limited drops
  • Further product improvements and Diamond integrations

We’ve been hard at work putting together the foundation for this revolutionary short form content platform. Lots more to come!

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