Announcing the FreshCut Tour - Supporting Your Local Smash Tournaments!

We're here to give tournament organizers a boost in the scene by pumping up the prize pools for spreading the word about FreshCut. Whether you're a big-shot TO or a small-town hero event, all are welcome to apply and join the FreshCut Tour

Kim Fogg (kimmieriot)

Thu May 04 2023

3 min read

In April, we announced our $100,000 Smash Community Fund which is available to players, creators and tournament organizers. With that said, we’re HYPED to announce our support of a vital part of the Smash Community: TOs, through our next program: the FreshCut Tour!

FreshCut Tour

We’re here to support Tournament Organizers with their prize pools and operational costs for spreading the word about FreshCut. Whether you're a TO organizing Majors, Regionals, or Locals, all are welcome to apply and join the FreshCut Tour 🌎

How to join the FreshCut Tour

📝 Submit your application over at and tell us more about your event, why your event needs the funding, and how you could promote FreshCut both in-person and on social media, while also driving fans to our platform. Each TO must demonstrate there will be a minimum of 50 entrants at their event.

If your submission is approved, congratulations! You are officially a part of the FreshCut Tour as a Tour Stop.

What are the benefits of the FreshCut Tour?

💸 As a FreshCut Tour Stop, TOs unlock a guaranteed base funding of $100 that can be used towards a pot bonus or operational costs.

🗳️ Approved Tour Stops also unlock the ‘1 Download for $1’ Quest referral in the FreshCut app. For every user TOs refer using their unique referral link, they will receive $1.

📈 TOs also get a bonus on downloads at a bonus rate of $20 for every 50 downloads. For example, if a TO drives 100 downloads, they receive $140 ($40 in bonuses + $100 for quest referral). And if a TO drives 250 downloads, they unlock $350 ($250 for quest referral + $20 + $20 + $20 + $20 +20 in bonuses). A maximum cap of $2,500 is placed on potential bonus earnings per tournament organizer.

🎖️ Last but not least, being a Tour Stop means TOs are eligible to become FreshCut Tour Headliners

What are FreshCut Tour Headliners?

Each campaign period Tour Stops can campaign to become FreshCut Tour Headliners by driving the most followers to their profiles within the FreshCut app, The Smash community can decide who they think deserves to represent the space as a Headliner.

All Headliners receive the following:

  • A guaranteed $1,000 to be used as a pot bonus or to pay for operational costs
  • Dedicated FreshCut social media promotion of their event
  • Dedicated promotion of their event within the Smash Community feed in-app
  • A watch party by Hungrybox on his channel during the event (this is optional & pending Hbox’s schedule) 🎥

With at least one FreshCut Tour Headliner campaign per month, the FreshCut Tour is always timed perfectly according to tournament schedules. So get ready to party with us and make sure to follow your favorite TOs!
👀 So what are you waiting for? Apply to join the tour now!

If you need more information or have questions on the FreshCut Tour please join our Discord for support.


What is the FreshCut Tour?

The FreshCut Tour is a program designed to help tournament organizers in the Smash community by providing funds to boost prize pools and cover operational costs. In return for promoting the FreshCut platform. TOs can apply and become a Tour Stop on the tour if their application is approved.

How can I join the FreshCut Tour?

To join the FreshCut Tour, you need to submit an application form. If your submission is approved, you qualify to become a Tour Stop.

How is the winner of the FreshCut Tour determined?

The Smash community will vote for their favorite TOs to become FreshCut Tour Headliners by following their profiles in the FreshCut app during the campaign period. Be sure to use your TOs referral code to help them earn a bonus, too.

The TOs with the most followers in each campaign period will be anointed as FreshCut Tour Headliners.

What are the benefits of being a part of the FreshCut Tour?

All approved TOs will become FreshCut Partners, unlocking the '1 Download for $1' Quest referral feature to add as a pot bonus. Plus, for every 50 downloads, FreshCut will contribute an extra $20. This bonus per 50 downloads is capped at a maximum funding potential of $2,500 per tournament organizer.

FreshCut Tour Headliners will receive a guaranteed $1,000, dedicated FreshCut promotion on social media, their events content featured in the FreshCut Smash feed, and their tournament will be featured during a Hungrybox watch party, this is optional and pending Hbox’s schedule.

How often will the FreshCut Tour be running?

The FreshCut Tour runs non-stop, with headliner campaign periods occurring about every month.

Where can I find more information about the FreshCut Tour?

More information on the FreshCut Tour can be found on the FreshCut Discord server.

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