Welcome to FreshCut Summer

Starting June 21, we’re celebrating the FreshCut community for six weeks straight with quests, events, giveaways, and more that highlight our creators, fans, and FreshCut Diamonds ($FCD). Warm weather, tank tops, holidays, and $FCD, what more could you ask for?

Ken Wattana

Wed Nov 16 2022

5 min read

There’s no summertime sadness here…say hello to FreshCut Summer, the most exciting event of the year (if we do say so ourselves).

Starting June 21, we’re celebrating the FreshCut community for six weeks straight with quests, events, giveaways, and more that highlight our creators, fans, and FreshCut Diamonds ($FCD). Warm weather, tank tops, holidays, and $FCD, what more could you ask for?

Did we mention that we’re putting up $100,000 in $FCD and prizing for creators, fans, and the FreshCut community? 😮

Are you excited as we are? Here’s how you can get involved!

How does FreshCut Summer work?

When creators and fans celebrate the FreshCut community, everyone will be rewarded in helping build FreshCut.

Everyone can earn $FCD throughout FreshCut Summer. Earn the rewards by:

  • Watching and engaging with creator content in the FreshCut app
  • Participating in FreshCut Events featuring some awesome FreshCut creators
  • Completing regular objectives called Discord Quests
  • Placing your $FCD in the Diamond Vault by holding enough $FCD in your wallet to earn bonus rewards

When does FreshCut Summer start?

FreshCut Summer features six, 1-week campaigns starting on Tuesdays and ending on the following Monday. Each week will have new quests and events and you can jump in and participate any time.

FreshCut Summer starts on Tuesday, June 21st and ends on Monday, August 1st.

Week 1 Tuesday, June 21st — Monday, June 27th

Week 2 Tuesday, June 28th — Monday, July 4th

Week 3 Tuesday, July 5th — Monday, July 11th

Week 4 Tuesday, July 12th — Monday, July 18th

Week 5 Tuesday, July 19th — Monday, July 25th

Week 6 Tuesday, July 26th — Monday, August 1st

What are FreshCut Events?

FreshCut Events will range from things like a chance to play Smash with your favorite creators to lunchtime League sessions with the FreshCut team. Both FreshCut and our creators will be running FreshCut events. Check out the first week of events here!

Sign up for events in the FreshCut Discord

If you participate in these events, you’ll earn a chance to win $FCD, cool game prizes and FreshCut merch.

As FreshCut Summer progresses and the community grows, we’ll be adding more and more events to the schedule, so keep your eyes peeled.

What are Discord Quests?

Discord Quests are missions (you could even call them adventures) for the FreshCut community centered around watching the latest content from our creators, participating in events and discussions in the FreshCut Discord.

Join the FreshCut Discord to participate in Quests

Each week there will be 5–10 quests each for the community — and you’ll receive $FCD for completing them.

Quests could include sharing your favorite playlist on social media or simply watching clips on the FreshCut app. You’ll need to show proof that you actually did these quests in our Discord, so make sure you join.

Quests will start on Tuesdays and end on Mondays. Creators will receive 150 $FCD for completing quests and fans will receive 50 $FCD.

The Diamond Vault — Hold $FCD & Earn Bonuses

During FreshCut Summer, we’ll also reward those diamond-handed members of the community who hold their $FCD. We call this the Diamond Vault. Simply hold your $FCD and you’ll be rewarded at the end of each 1 week campaign (reminder, each campaign ends on Monday) within FreshCut Summer. Check out how to qualify for these bonuses below.

At the end of each campaign week on Mondays at 11:59PM PST, we’ll take a snapshot of your $FCD balance to determine which bonus you get. Make sure to set up yourFreshCut Wallet in our Discord — it’s key to be eligible for Diamond Vault benefits and to receive any rewards from completing quests and events.

Each week FreshCut will reward the top community members based on a mixture of the following criteria:

  • Amount of $FCD held (tier definitions below)
  • Completing at least ONE Discord Quest
  • Be an active user of the FreshCut app by watching and engaging with videos

In order for you to receive bonuses for holding $FCD, you must qualify through the actions above. You won’t receive the full benefit of FreshCut Summer bonuses unless you also are an active member of the community.

Example: If user ‘A’ purchases 2,500 $FCD, they do not automatically qualify for the drop bonus UNLESS they also complete that week’s quest AND use the FreshCut app.
Hold $FCD in your FreshCut wallet at the end of each campaign week — Monday through 11:59 PM PST - to be eligible for the bonus

Introducing the FreshCut Member Program

We’ve saved the best for last — we’re proud to announce the launch of the FreshCut Member program! Beginning June 21, community members who hold at least 500 $FCD in their wallets will begin unlocking exclusive access and benefits with the FreshCut ecosystem.

Visit our Discord to set up your wallet and claim the role!

To start, member benefits will include:

  • Access to exclusive and regular members only giveaways to win prizes such as game peripherals, codes and bonus $FCD
  • Participation in members-only online events with the FreshCut team and creators
  • Access to IRL FreshCut events starting with Evo 2022

Eager to join? Obtain at least 500 $FCD today and verify your wallet in the FreshCut Discord to receive the ‘💎 Member’ role.

What’s Next?

  • Stay tuned for our launch announcements on June 21 and get ready to participate in our first events and quests.
  • Join our Discord and set up your wallet — you need this to receive your prizes from FreshCut Summer, qualify for Diamond Vault bonuses, and become a FreshCut member.
  • Set a reminder to join our Twitter Spaces on Tuesday, June 21 at 11am PT where we’ll be celebrating the launch of FreshCut Summer.

Let the summer vibes begin! #FCSummer

Join the community!