We’ve Raised $15M in Funding to Transform the Gaming Content Ecosystem

The FreshCut Ecosystem has raised $15 million in funding to build out its short form gaming content platform, FreshCut Diamonds, and the community!

Ken Wattana

Wed Nov 16 2022

4 min read

We’re excited to share that the FreshCut Ecosystem has raised $15 million in funding to build out its short form gaming content platform, FreshCut Diamonds ($FCD), and the community! With this new support, FreshCut is ready to take on traditional content platforms that under-serve gaming communities — and distribute value back to the content creators and fans who are responsible for so much of this industry’s success.

Our investors are leaders and experts in the creator economy, gaming, and web3.


The fundraising to date was led by Galaxy Interactive, Animoca Brands, and Republic Crypto, with participation from Hashed, Polygon, SkyVision Capital, Tamarack Global, C2X, Daedalus, Metasense DAO, GSR, Everest Ventures Group, Upside Partnership, Double Peak, Polkastarter, Alumni Ventures, XRM Media, Alchemy, Kyros Ventures, and OVO Fund.

“The FreshCut team has an impressive vision for the gaming content industry: to hyper-connect all gaming fans across disparate Web2 and Web3 games. Our investment in FreshCut will help to power the next generation of gaming content and community.” Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman, Animoca Brands

“We are thrilled to partner with FreshCut, an experienced team that is building solutions for gaming content creators, and enabling a new ecosystem for customized, curated, content for those new consumers looking to unplug from Web2 gaming content platforms that don’t reward them for their time or effort.” Richard Kim, General Partner, Galaxy Interactive


Our angel investors include Kevin Lin (co-founder of Twitch, CEO at Metatheory), CH Kim (co-founder of PUBG), Trevor McFedries (co-founder of Friends With Benefits), Andre Igoudala (three-time NBA champion), JJ Redick ( co-host of “The Old Man and the Three” podcast), and Tucker “JERICHO” Boner (Twitch/YouTube creator and co-founder of NIGHTMODE Records).


We’re also excited to count leading web3 content creators and thought leaders Brycent (web3 gamer, streamer, YouTuber & co-founder of Loot Squad), Chief Pat (YouTube Creator, founder & CEO, Tribe Gaming), Mystic7 (web3 content creator, streamer, and YouTube creator) and Soby (web3 investor, co-founder, Ex Populus) as our advisors.

FreshCut is fortunate to have the support of these leading organizations and individuals who share our long term vision in transforming the gaming content industry.

The funding will help FreshCut:

  • onboard creators and their communities
  • support community-ran events, enhance the FreshCut membership program with IRL + online perks, and much more
  • develop the FreshCut content platform and integrate $FCD earning and tipping mechanics in-app

More than an app, FreshCut is an ecosystem

At its core, FreshCut is a community-focused content sharing platform that lets creators publish high-quality, short-form content that fans can connect with on their own terms. By leveraging web3 principles and technologies, we’re creating a new user experience that allows the entire community–both fans and creators–to be rewarded for their participation and have an actual say in how the platform is managed. This means FreshCut users are not only recognized and rewarded for uploading exciting new gaming videos, but also for actively engaging with content, helping shape FreshCut’s future, and finding exciting new ways to get involved in the community.

FreshCut’s ecosystem is powered by $FCD, our native community token built on Polygon’s eco-friendly network. FreshCut users can earn $FCD by creating content, watching moments from their favorite games and creators, and helping grow the platform in other ways. And $FCD is much more than an in-app reward — $FCD holders will also be able to receive exclusive membership benefits and play an active role in influencing community decisions. Unlike existing content platforms where users have zero say in the rules and reward systems that define their experience, FreshCut believes the community that helps to make a content platform successful deserves a voice. Today you can earn $FCD in our Discord or get it at major exchanges like KuCoin, Bybit, and Gate. This summer, creators and fans will be able to earn and tip $FCD via our native app experience.

We’re building something entirely new in the gaming content space: a dedicated home for short-form gaming clips. Gaming content has been treated as an afterthought by most major content platforms outside of Twitch for too long. This has resulted in a lopsided content ecosystem in which nearly all of the value created is siphoned off by self-serving tech giants and the top 0.1% of creators. Gaming content, creators, and fans come first on FreshCut.

We’re creating an entire ecosystem along with the FreshCut app — one filled with IRL events and activations, partnerships, and an ever-expanding network of creator-to-fan experiences.

Who’s behind FreshCut?

FreshCut was founded by three former Twitch leaders — James Kuk, Ernie Le, and Ben Stueck — who saw an opportunity to significantly improve the short-form gaming content experience. Today the FreshCut team is 25+ strong with experience at leading organizations in the creator economy, gaming, esports, social and crypto. We’re leveraging our experience to build a platform that delights creators and fans.

We’re ready to rumble

Demand for short-form content is growing exponentially, and FreshCut is in prime position to cater to this generational shift in attention and viewership habits. We’re ready to accelerate our growth and put creators in the driver’s seat — while exploring new ways to reward all forms of ecosystem participation. Create-and-earn, watch-and-earn, engage-and-earn are all the beginning of a new, community-centric business model. Stay tuned for exciting announcements for creators, product updates and integrations, partnerships, memberships, events, and much more.

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