Fire FreshCut Playlists - Week 11/21

Our weekly showcase of the sickest playlists in the FreshCut app

Kim Fogg (kimmieriot)

Wed Nov 23 2022

2 min read

If you didn’t know already, we curate playlists for you to enjoy on the FreshCut app. These playlists consist of some of the sickest, funniest, or even the most epic fail clips in video games. Here’s some 🔥 recommendations for you to checkout this week!

The Killfeed ☠️

A brand new playlist - home to the best shooter clips from your favorite FPS titles!

The craziest shooter clips you can find! Click here to checkout The Killfeed

This week, we cover a whole bunch of games, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Apex Legends, Overwatch 2, Halo Infinite and even the classic Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

If you’re looking for crazy trickshots and nasty quad feeds, this playlist is for you.
Cloud 9’s ‘Naughtyfeature in this is a must see!

Partner Spotlight 💡

If you wanna see the best of the best from FreshCut partners like Pizzadogtv, KillshotKitty, PerfectLegend & more, you’ll ❤️ this.

Check out FreshCut's Partner Spotlight here!

This has to be one of our most diverse weeks yet in terms of titles, including Dead by Daylight, God of War: Ragnorak, and even Clone Hero! (P.S BGMBills is INSANE on the strings…or buttons in this case)

The playlists help me relax and focus whenever I'm in the toilet 🚽 - Pizzadogggtv

Take a note from the legend that is Pizzadogggtv himself - we've heard it really does work 🤣

Best of Warzone ✈️

With the successful launch of Warzone 2 and millions of people playing the game, we took a trip to Al Mazrah and featured the best plays (and fails) from launch week.

Click here to checkout the craziest Warzone 2 plays this week!

In this week's playlist, we feature some Warzone veterans with the likes of Iron, and world’s first gold camo completionist Reidboyy! (If you missed Reid’s epic run, we’ve got you covered with his highlights on his road to gold right here)
All in all, this is a killer week for Playlists in the FreshCut app. Rumor has it that there’s some quests dropping that involve watching these too 👀 Let us know which has been your favorite playlist this week over on Twitter!

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