FreshCut Partner Awards - 12/12

FreshCut's Partner Awards for the week of December 12

Kim Fogg (kimmieriot)

Fri Dec 16 2022

1 min read

It’s that time of the week again where we award our partners for being straight up GOATS on the FreshCut app!

Congratulations to UghHaley, TheOnlyShady & realPOISONkill for being the most followed Partners in the app last week.

Next up, FreshCut’s Finest!

Congratulations to RareGangster, Cal9mm, mrsplaystuff, TheOneManny & merku for being our staff picks of the best clips in the app. You go guys 😏

Last but not least, our Chart Topper awards!

Our most viewed clips in the app go to these awesome folk:

  1. yonniF
  2. Kuji_HD
  3. The_pufflord
  4. Chewyssb
  5. SlickTactics

Checkout YonniF’s no.1 spot here!

Congratulations on making last week's most viewed clips in the app ❤️

All our winners have received $100, along with 1,000 Diamonds. GGWP ❤️

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