FreshCut is Open for All Creators!

Frank Shotwell

Tue Nov 15 2022

3 min read

And introducing FreshCut Challenges — may the best creator win!

The big day is here. By popular demand, we’re opening up FreshCut for anyone to share their best moments. Have some sick Warzone trickshots? Val aces? League pentakills? Smash combos? FreshCut is the place for you. Join creators like MK Leo, C9 Naughty, Swiftor, Lillithy, Elara, RedQueen, and Natsumi_Moe, who all call FreshCut the home for their short form content.

We’re thrilled to grow our community and welcome all gaming creators to FreshCut!

Monetize your gaming highlights with Diamond tipping

How can I become a creator?

You’ll notice a new button in your user profile on web that takes you to Creator Studio, the home of all your best clips. Go through the easy onboarding steps to set up your creator profile, and you can start uploading your best content to FreshCut. This experience is currently optimized for desktop, but will also work in your mobile browser.

Don’t forget to share your FreshCut moments on Twitter (@freshcut), TikTok (@freshcutofficial), and Instagram (@freshcutgg) and tag us!

That’s not all — every creator on FreshCut can receive Diamond tips. Keep 90% of all earnings on FreshCut and start monetizing your short form content. You can also connect up Stream Alerts to link your short form and live experiences and shoutout tippers and new followers on stream!

Make sure to join our Discord and meet our community of fans and creators. It’s where we also announce our weekly schedule of creator events, challenges, giveaways, special quests (check out our quests for new creators this week!), membership benefits, and more — don’t miss out.

Enter the FreshCut $1K Challenge!

You’re a FreshCut creator. Congrats and welcome!

Think you’ve got what it takes to win our first ever FreshCut Challenge? Upload your best clip in the past month to FreshCut with #FreshCut1K as a tag and you’ll be eligible to win a share of $1000 as well as other great prizes. Winners will be announced on November 28, so be sure to follow us on Twitter.

FreshCut Challenges are new weekly clip contests hosted by the FreshCut team and creators. Share your best content for great rewards ranging from cash, to gaming gear, and game credits. Lots more to come on this front so keep an eye out.

What’s the FreshCut Partner Program?

Introducing the FreshCut Partner Program, for creators looking to take the next step. Partner status unlocks great benefits like hosting Creator Challenges, Weekly Partner Rewards, verified status in-app, and access to the $1M Creator Fund. Want to become a partner? Check out more details in our Discord and apply for Partner status.

Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your pets (check out the dog streamer on FreshCut, shoutout TheOneManny) now anyone can bring their hottest gaming content to FreshCut. We’re excited to have you in our community.

Welcome creators, we’ve been saving a spot for you. See you in the studio!

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