FreshCut Hits 2 Million Users in just 5 Months

In just five months, over 2 million gamers and over 130,000 content creators have come to see what’s happening at FreshCut.

Kim Fogg (kimmieriot)

Mon Aug 14 2023

2 min read

FreshCut’s Big Moment 🚀
You know how most of us gamers felt left out in the vast world of social media platforms? Well, our Founders - James Kuk, Ben Stueck, and Ernie Le (yeah, the ones from Twitch!) - felt the same. That’s why they brought us FreshCut: the go-to platform exclusively for gaming community and content 🕹️

In just five months, over 2 million gamers and over 130,000 content creators have come to see what’s happening at FreshCut. Our community-focused platform allows creators to share their epic gaming moments via video, image, or text. Users can enjoy the best gaming content, support creators they love and engage in authentic discussions with other gamers-alike!

What Sets FreshCut Apart? 🤔

  • Community First: FreshCut doesn’t try to be everything to everyone. It’s about the game and its community. If you’re a Roblox champ, Fortnite fanatic, Smash Bros beast, or anything in between, there’s a space just for you.
  • Customization & Interaction: The “Reacts” feature is fire! Imagine your favorite creator overlaying their reaction video on your content. We’re also awarding our most loyal community members with collectible ‘Badges’: Another way for our users to flex their status and customize their FreshCut profiles.
  • FreshCut’s Creator Studio: With the Studio, creating those lit 15-30 second videos or sharing cool images and texts is as easy as scoring a victory royale (okay, maybe not that easy, but you get the point).
  • Show Your Support with Diamond Tips: Ever wanted to show mad love to a creator? FreshCut Diamonds lets you tip your faves or even snag some cool FreshCut merch from the Diamond shop.

Shoutout to the FreshCut Legends 🌟

We can't help but boast about our trailblazers like NightFoxx, Lana Rae, and Bevarooni. They're not only smashing milestones with over 1 million views each but also setting a vibrant tone for our community.

Why the Gaming Gurus Love FreshCut ❤️

Bevarooni, from Supersolid game studio, shared:

“FreshCut truly values its community and partners. It's got me more intrigued than any other gaming platform I’ve seen in my 17-year career.”

Looking Ahead 🌌

We’re aiming big - think disrupting the social media world BIG. Our mission? To connect gaming fans to relevant content, creators and communities. We're building a lasting community platform for the next generation of gamers. We recognize the lack of a dedicated home for gaming content - a landscape fragmented across multiple platforms that aren't tailor-made for gaming content. On top of that, we want a world where content creators get a fair share in revenue. To make our point, we’ve already poured a cool $1 million into the FreshCut Community Fund, and Diamond tips have surpassed over 8MM to date.

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