FreshCut Freshmen: Our Monthly Program Elevating Smash Community Members!

Are you a local hero in the Smash community? Then you’re in luck! FreshCut Freshmen is a monthly program, designed to elevate up-and-coming Smahers within the community.

Kim Fogg (kimmieriot)

Mon Apr 24 2023

2 min read

In case you missed it, earlier in the year we announced a $100,000 Smash Community fund which is available to players, creators, and tournament organizers. As part of that fund, the FreshCut Freshmen Program, aims to provide much needed funding to Smash community members with the most community backing.

FreshCut Freshmen: WIN up to $2,000 in monthly smash scholarships

FreshCut Freshmen

Are you a local hero, bracket demon or a low-key prodigy in the Smash community? Then you’re in luck! 🤩 FreshCut Freshmen is a monthly program, designed to elevate Smashers within the community. Every month, community members will have an opportunity to become a FreshCut Freshmen, where you’ll be rewarded with:

  • 📣 Promotion on FreshCut (Smash Feed + Social Media)
  • 🎙️ Spotlight segment and interview on Hungrybox’s stream
  • 💸 Up to $2,000 in funding
  • ✅ All 10 finalists will receive Partner status on FreshCut

Each month will feature 10 finalists, with 3 of those taking a spot on the final podium! Top 3 will be rewarded 💰

How do you participate?

Participation is open to anyone from the Smash Community. We’ll announce the start of the program alongside Hungrybox on Twitter each month. You’ll need to take part in Phase One and get those vouches from the community on your submission video inside of FreshCut. If you make the top 10 in phase 1, you'll move on to Phase Two, read all about it below.

Phase One

Any Smash community member can participate in phase 1 of FreshCut Freshmen by completing the following steps:

1. Upload a video to FreshCut explaining why you deserve this month's funding, the video must include the #FreshCutFreshmen hashtag. This submission must be no longer than 60 seconds.

2. Submissions may be uploaded as soon as Hungrybox announces the start of each month's program on Twitter. The deadline to submit submissions is exactly 7 days from the time of his announcement.  

3. You earn "vouches" on your in-app submission by campaigning to your community. You may begin campaigning to your community on socials for vouches as soon as your video is uploaded to FreshCut.

  • Vouches are when a user comments "vouch" on your FreshCut submission. If the same user comments vouch on your submission more than once it only counts once.
  • Only vouches on your FreshCut submission count.
  • Users may comment vouch for as many participants as they want, but those vouches will only count 1 time per participant receiving them.

4. Participants will have a total of 14 days after HungryBox's initial announcement to campaign and earn vouches.

5. Once the deadline is reached, the top 10 most "vouched" for submissions will be announced on social, and those will move on to phase 2.

Phase Two

If you’ve made the final cut (top 10), you will move on to a finale that'll be streamed LIVE on HungryBox's channel! The details of this finale will be revealed when the top 10 finalists are announced.

Good luck, Smashers 💥 Questions? Head over to our Discord and ask away ❤️ (You’ll find an FAQ there, too)

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