Hello FreshCut Fall!

FreshCut Fall has arrived! From September 27 to November 14, we’re going all out. More awesome events, shiny new creators, twists on quests, epic giveaways and much more is coming your way.

Ken Wattana

Wed Nov 16 2022

5 min read

The leaves are changing color, there’s a new chill to the air, and your favorite pumpkin drink is back at Starbucks. That could only mean one thing: FreshCut Fall has arrived!

Welcome to FreshCut Fall

From September 27 to November 14, we’re going all out.More awesome events, shiny new creators (and old favorites, ofc!), twists on quests, epic giveaways and much more is coming your way.

FreshCut Fall is how we give back to creators and fans, grow the FreshCut community, and simply, do cool stuff together. Did we mention we’re putting up 2.5 million FCD for the community? *cue the dramatic music*

Get all the details in this blog and join our Discord to learn how to participate — seven weeks of Fall starts TOMORROW!

What’s New?

Expanded Events

We’re super excited to debut a brand new event schedule for the Fall. We’ll be rotating games and creators each week to keep things fresh. Expect to see new creators hosting events as well as new games that haven’t been featured before like Rocket League, Valorant and Fornite… where we droppin?!

And for you old school folk, don’t worry — we’ll have familiar favorites like Smash, Warzone, and Apex with your longtime FreshCut creators as well. Participate by playing or watching these events for a chance to win FreshCut Diamond rewards, top notch gaming gear, merch and more.

Check out the Week 1 schedule!

We’re also introducing big weekend events hosted by FreshCut, bringing together creators and the community. They will all be streamed on the FreshCut Twitch channel, casted live, and feature prizes and giveaways. Cool, right?

Week 1 kicks off with a 100 person, $1000 grand prize Fall Guys event! Dash on over to our Discord to learn how to sign up. We’ll also have big time events for Valorant, Fortnite, Smash, Apex, and Call of Duty — so stay tuned for more details and how to participate.

Register in the FreshCut Discord!

Updated Discord Quests

Discord Quests are coming back with a fresh new look. Expect to see even more dynamic flash quests and in-depth missions involving creators, gaming content, and the community! Users will receive a range of FCD rewards for successfully completing a quest — between 10–50 FCD based on the difficulty, while creators will receive 150 FCD.

As a reminder, instructions on how to complete quests are shared each week in our Discord. The window to do quests starts on Tuesdays and ends on Mondays. Set your alarms, people!

The FreshCut Leaderboard

If you consider yourself an active member of the FreshCut community, this one’s for you 😘

Say hello to the FreshCut Leaderboard — our way of rewarding the most active fans during FreshCut Fall.

Complete quests = earn points. It’s that simple.

The more points you earn, the higher you’ll climb on our leaderboards. Upon quest completion, you’ll receive 10 points. However, if you’re a FreshCut member, you’ll earn 11 points. At the end of the campaign, the top 25 participants will win exclusive FreshCut swag and more!

To find out how to become a FreshCut member, scroll down to the FreshCut Membership section of this blog.

Check in weekly to see if you crack the Top 25 Leaderboard in our Discord!

Who will reign supreme?

Community Milestones

We believe that as our community grows, so should the benefits. Introducing Community Milestones, our way of giving back and rewarding supporters during FreshCut Fall.

When we hit different levels of qualified participants in FreshCut Fall, it unlocks additional giveaways and rewards for both members and creators. The more community members who are attending events and completing quests, the closer we reach milestones. For example — when we hit 500 participants in FreshCut Fall, we’ll share some great rewards for creators as well as members.

What will 500 participants during FreshCut Fall unlock for creators and fans?

Seasonal Favorites Return

Creator and Community Awards

We know you guys loved awards during the Summer, so they’re coming back!

Creator awards have already kicked off for the top viewed and trending creators, as well as the best clips as selected by the FreshCut team. Winners get $100 and 1000 FCD each!

Huge GG to KillShotKitty, PerfectLegend & Swiftor for making the cut last week as our top trending creators..


Community awards are back as well, highlighting the top community members for their support of creators, content viewing prowess, clever comments, and more. A share of 1500 FCD will be shared with each community award winner.

FreshCut Membership

As always, we’ve got some extra special perks and benefits planned for our FreshCut Members. Want to become a member? Community members who hold at least 500 FCD in their wallets will unlock exclusive access and benefits with the FreshCut ecosystem including

  • Exclusive giveaways for game peripherals, codes and bonus FCD
  • Members-only online events with the FreshCut team and creators
  • Access to IRL FreshCut events

Verify your wallet in the FreshCut Discord to receive the 💎 Member role.

Members get access to the best giveaways in gaming

When does FreshCut Fall start?

Each week will have new quests and events and you can jump in and participate any time.

FreshCut Fall starts on Tuesday, September 27 and ends on Monday, November 14.

  • Week 1: Tuesday, September 27 — Monday, October 3
  • Week 2: Tuesday, October 4 — Monday, October 10
  • Week 3: Tuesday, October 11 — Monday, October 17
  • Week 4: Tuesday, October 18 — Monday, October 24
  • Week 5: Tuesday, October 25 — Monday, October 31
  • Week 6: Tuesday, November 1 — Monday, November 7
  • Week 7: Tuesday, November 8 — Monday, November 14

What’s Next?

  • Join our Discord to participate in Week 1 events and quests starting September 27
  • Set up your wallet — you need this to receive your prizes from FreshCut Fall and become a FreshCut member.

We’re excited to bring more creators and fans together than ever before for FreshCut Fall. More activities, more awesome moments, and more FreshCut fun. Let’s make it the best Season yet! ❤️

Join the community!