FreshCut Enters the Arena at Evo 2022

This year we’re making a splash at the world’s most storied fighting game championship Evo. Here’s all the exciting events and activities we have planned throughout Evo 2022 weekend.

Ken Wattana

Wed Nov 16 2022

4 min read

This year we’re making a splash at the world’s most storied fighting game championship Evo in Las Vegas from August 5–7. The passion and competition at Evo is unlike any other esports event and FreshCut is proud to be supporting the fighting game community as an official sponsor and exhibitor. If you’re headed to Evo as a competitor, creator, or fan, come meet the FreshCut team!

Here’s all the exciting events and activities we have planned throughout Evo 2022 weekend:

  1. Evolution Championship Series Highlights Powered by FreshCut
  2. FreshCut Creator Meet and Greet Zone
  3. The FreshCut Diamond Ring: 360 degree video booth
  4. FreshCut Membership Giveaways: The Diamond Card
  5. Super FRESH FreshCut Merchandise
  6. The FreshCut After Hours Mixer
  7. The Quack Attack

Catch Every Evo 2022 Highlight with FreshCut Playlists

Download the app for iPhone or Android or watch highlights at

FreshCut is the exclusive highlights partner for Evo 2022. We’ll be curating the best clips from each day of competition from top KOs, comebacks, and clutch plays from Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Strive, and other game titles. We’ll have it all in our Evo 2022 Playlists in the FreshCut app. While you wait for Evo, we’ve put together this playlist of the top moments from 2021, check it out! Don’t have the app? Download it here or sign up at

FreshCut Meet and Greet Zone — Meet Today’s Top FGC Players and Creators

We’ve lined up more than 25 of the top FGC competitors and creators like JWong, K-Brad, SherryJenix, Perfect Legend, and Book in the FreshCut Meet and Greet Zone.

We’ll have 1 hour signing and photo sessions with some of the FGC’s favorite creators and players all day on Friday and Saturday. If you’re a FreshCut member, you’ll be granted opportunities to cut the line. Be sure to follow our Twitter to see the full schedule.

And don’t forget to hit up our special fighting game-themed 360 degree video booth to capture this year’s awesome memories during Evo 2022!

Become a FreshCut Member & Support Creators

Members are power users who get exclusive perks and benefits in the FreshCut app, community, and when supporting FreshCut creators.

Becoming a member usually requires holding 500 FreshCut Diamonds ($FCD), but for Evo 2022 this year we’re giving away 5,000 FreshCut Memberships to the FGC community.

At Evo, FreshCut Members will get access to:

FreshCut Merchandise

  • Only FreshCut members can drop by our booth at Evo to get exclusive FreshCut merch including hats, hoodies, t-shirts…you won’t want to miss it. Supplies will be limited!

FreshCut After Hours Mixer

  • Want to hang with some of FGC’s finest? We’re hosting a RSVP-only party for Evo competitors, FGC creators and the community on Saturday, August 6 at 10PM, location to be announced.
  • A handful of lucky FreshCut members (verified in our Discord) will receive priority access to the event. Stay tuned to our Twitter or Discord for more details.

Outside of Evo, we’re building more perks for FreshCut Members including:

  • In-app perks such as emoticons and badges (Fall/Winter)
  • Bonuses when you tip, engage with and watch FreshCut creator content (Fall)
  • Exclusive entry into our weekly members only giveaways
  • Access to future members only events, both online and offline
  • And of course, a super cool role in our Discord

Be on the lookout for our sweet Diamond Cards distributed in our FreshCut bags on the show floor and at our booth.

The Diamond Card is your pass to a FreshCut membership

Redeeming Your FreshCut Membership

Download the FreshCut app and follow the steps on the card to redeem the code to get your membership — it unlocks great merch, rewards, and access — both IRL and online. Join our Discord and verify your account to get the full range of benefits (particularly access to giveaways) and be a part of the community.

The Quack Attack

Stop the #QuackAttack!

There’s something extra to be on the lookout for at Evo this year… The Quack Attack Squad! These little FGC legends have hijacked our FreshCut socials and are trying to steal the Evo trophy 😱

We need your help to stop the #QuackAttack, and to make sure the trophy goes to the rightful champion!

If you spot these feisty ducklings at Evo, make sure to snap a mugshot of them and post it on Twitter with the hashtag #QuackAttack. $FCD will be rewarded for the best mugshots that help us on our hunt.

Want to hear more about what FreshCut has planned for Evo? Join our Twitter Spaces on August 1 at 10am PT to get an update from the team.

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