What Can I do with FreshCut Diamonds as a Creator?

Diamonds power the Freshcut ecosystem. Here's how to earn them and what to spend them on.

george kurdin

Fri Nov 25 2022

3 min read

Diamonds power the FreshCut ecosystem, encourage content creation, and community engagement. Diamonds are here to drive net positive behaviors.

Before we get into how to earn or how to use Diamonds - we'd like to share one thing. We are in day 1 and we are far from done. The things that are live today may change and there is a lot that is not live today that will be up in the coming weeks and months. We are working around the clock to address your feedback. We are committed to making FreshCut the best place for content creators and fans. All of that is to say that this list may look very different even a few months from now.

How do you get FreshCut Diamonds? Today there are 4 ways:

  1. Someone in the community tips you by commenting on one of your insane clips. Diamonds get transferred from that supporter to you
  2. You complete different quests and earn rewards. Learn more about quests here, but in short quests are exactly what they sound like. You do things that help you (i.e. secure your profile) or help the community (i.e. watch clips or comment on clips) and you earn diamonds.
  3. Participate in FreshCut events. Whether it is FreshCut Fall or one of the tournaments or poker night or Discord activities - you can earn Diamonds. Everyone can earn Diamonds by being an active member in the community and providing meaningful contributions to the platform.
  4. You purchase them on an exchange and transfer them to your FreshCut wallet. Today, eligible exchanges are KuCoin, Gate, ByBit, and Quickswap, but we are always evaluating the market for opportunities that are best for our community.

More ways coming soon. Our goal is to make create a balanced economy that puts creators and communities first all while making it hyper simple for everyone, regardless of where you are in your journey, to participate in the FreshCut ecosystem.  

Okay cool - so we got Diamonds. What do we use them for?

Today there are 3 ways to use FreshCut Diamonds: (1) tipping, (2) merch, (3) withdrawing

Using FreshCut Diamonds for tipping:

  • FreshCut Diamonds are a creator’s best friend! With creator tipping on FreshCut, you can tip your favorite creators for their awesome content and show your support.
  • Creators keep 90% of Diamonds tipped to them, the best rate in the market. This rate is superior to all standard tipping/patronage platform rates which range from 20-55% on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Twitch.
  • By tipping fans do not just support their favourite creators, but they also bump their comment up in the comment sheet to the top.
  • At FreshCut, we want to help creators monetize their short form content and Diamond tipping is one way to do it!  

Using FreshCut Diamonds to get limited edition FreshCut merch:

  • If you are in our Discord (get in if not) - you can get FreshCut merch
  • Quality is A+, but we are biased.
  • Just type in /merch, pick your item, and our team will handle the rest

Withdrawing FreshCut diamonds. Yes - that's also utility. How?

  • You can withdraw to your PayPal, exchanging your Diamonds into $USD. This is available for partners
  • You can withdraw Diamonds to your on-chain wallet. This is available for everyone.

Let's recap:

  • Fans and creators can get diamonds on the FreshCut platform by participating in events, doing quests, and via tipping.
  • You can use Diamonds to tip and support a creator. This also bumps your comment on the clip to the top.
  • You can also buy merch, swap Diamonds for USD if you are a partner, or transfer Diamonds to an exchange.

We are working around the clock to make FreshCut the best platform for content creators and fans. As we learn more around what is best -we will evolve the ecosystem. If you have ideas or suggestions - please share. We are listening.  

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