Fire FreshCut Playlists - 11/29

Our weekly showcase of the sickest playlists in the FreshCut app!

Kim Fogg (kimmieriot)

Wed Nov 30 2022

1 min read

If you didn’t know already, we curate playlists for you to enjoy on the FreshCut app. These playlists consist of some of the sickest, funniest, or even the most epic fail clips in video games. Here’s some 🔥 recommendations for you to checkout this week!

Funny & Fail Moments 🤡

If you want a giggle, this playlist is guaranteed to make you laugh - or die inside at the epic fails!

Funny & Fail Moments Playlist

VALORANT: Top Clips of the Week 💡


VALORANT: Top Clips of the Week Playlist

Smash Stockpile ✈⚔️

What we love about the Smash community in-particular is their passion, dedication and most of all - kick-ass clips. Smash Stockpile has them all 😎

Smash Stockpile Playlist

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