Creator Spotlight: Introducing LilyGia

We’re taking some time today to introduce you to the one and only LilyGia. With an impressive milestone of 1 million views on FreshCut, LilyGia's journey is filled with passion, dedication, and a vibrant Roblox gaming community.

Frank Shotwell

Thu Jul 20 2023

4 min read

What’s up, FreshCut community 👋

We’re taking some time today to introduce you to the one and only LilyGia. With an impressive milestone of 1 million views on FreshCut, LilyGia's journey is filled with passion, dedication, and a vibrant Roblox gaming community. Join us as we explore her tips for building viewership, her love for gaming on platforms like Roblox, and her exciting plans for the future… along with some fun stuff! Let’s dive in.

Q: Congratulations on 1 Million views on FreshCut! How awesome is that?!

It is so awesome and I’m so grateful for it 🥰

Q: For other Creators on FreshCut starting out, what are 3 tips you could give to help them build their viewership?

Like and respect your community. Get to know your followers and community by interacting in your video’s comments, visit their videos and support them. Networking and being friendly is a big part of success that many creators and developers miss out on. Follow other people and be active, don’t post and log off. When you start out, publish almost every day. Then slowly get yourself on a more maintainable schedule of 2-3 vids per week, and it’s ok to have filler simple vids sometimes, they’re fun and they help you as a creator not get burn out. I feel that in anything you do, if you truly like it and commit yourself to it for some time, you will be successful.

Q: What do you love most about making gaming content, and on Roblox, to be more specific?

The community, it’s unique and fun and super talented

Q: If you had to choose which video game world to live in for the rest of your days, which would it be?

Hmmmm not really wanting to live in any video game unless I have unlimited lives 😜 Maybe RoPets cause you don’t oof, play with lots of friendly pets, there’s a hospital, beach, fashion shop, cafe and crystal caves to explore if I’m bored.

Q: You’re in a zombie apocalypse and can pick 3 other FreshCut creators to try and survive with. Who’re you picking? 👀

Bevarooni, Lulu (TheGamer_Mum), NightFoxx

Q: What was the first game you ever played which made you realize you wanted to be a content creator?

Actually, it’s not a game. I never thought to be a content creator. My sister started a toy channel and asked me to work with her. She would do the business end and I would do the creative and fun part, that was a good fit for me. It was a good outlet for me too cause my dream was to study to be a teacher but sadly that never turned out for me. So I just tried it, not knowing anything about it, I was more private and not social media before this. It turns out, she didn’t like it and I loved it. I loved making the thumbnails and doing artistic and creative type work the most. The Roblox, Fnaf, gaming and age-up pivot was me and my interests. Roblox toys interested me the most because they were based off real people, gaming devs, and there was a story and game behind each toy figure, so I evolved my roblox unboxings to be more about that and people reacted very good to it, it helped me grow in my work to include gaming events, live streams and more.

Q: Can you run us through a day in the life of Lily in a few short sentences?

TLDR: work, work, work. This work is a lifestyle. Wake up and take my laptop to a sunny window with good coffee, check messages and social media and work a little on the business part of this and make my to-do/goals list for the day and week. Then go to the gym and work out or take a walk, take time to cook something healthy and self-care, this is important to keep my mental health in check. Then work on editing, creating and everything full for a few hours. A lot of adulting, and also connecting and friendships with people that do this same work and same lifestyle is most fun for me, this type of work can be lonely. Laughing and having fun with good friends, watching good series and gaming together, is my fav time. And also sleep, I am a sleeper.

Q: Do you have any plans for expanding your content beyond Roblox in the future? If so, can you give us a sneak peek?

New gaming channel coming soon?? 👀 O que poderia ser isso??

Q: If you could bring one fictional video game character to life, who would it be and what adventures would you go on together?

Witcher ❤️ I would learn sword fighting and witchcraft and be a good witch and we would defeat all the bad .

Q: What is your all-time favorite Roblox game and why does it hold a special place in your heart?

I like the old horror games on Roblox pre-2017 but Zombie Rush would be my fav because it was one of the first games I played, it was great on mobile and I have fun memories playing with my sister and friends.

Q: Any final words for all the LilyGia fans out there?

Thank you to everyone for the support and thank you to FreshCut for creating this great gaming community and including me in it 🙏🏼

And that's a wrap on our fun-filled Q+A session with LilyGia! We've been blown away by her incredible journey as a content creator, fueled by her unwavering dedication to her community, her infectious love for gaming, and her knack for creating engaging content. Make sure you’re following her over on FreshCut! You can also follow her on Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.

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