Complete Guide to FreshCut Wallet: from Setup to FAQs

The FreshCut Wallet is how you manage your FreshCut Diamonds in the FreshCut app. Learn how to set it up to unlock the full experience

george kurdin

Sat Nov 26 2022

4 min read

The FreshCut Wallet is how you manage your FreshCut Diamonds in the FreshCut app. Setting up a FreshCut Wallet is required in order to unlock the full FreshCut experience.

  • Receive quest and event rewards
  • Enable creator tipping
  • Manage your FCD inventory (receive, transfer, and send FCD)

The Wallet is a key part of the FreshCut experience that enables the community on the platform to have ownership of their Diamonds. This is how we’re building a better short form content platform for creators and the community. You can watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to set it up.

The Wallet is built on the Polygon network for high performance, low fees, security, and minimal environmental impact.If you have any questions about setting up your FreshCut Wallet or keeping your Diamonds and Wallets secure, please visit our Discord and open a ticket for support or email

How to setup your wallet?

In the FreshCut app - navigate to your profile page and tap the Diamond icon in the top left corner.You’ll be prompted to set up a Wallet.This is where your FreshCut Diamond inventory will live in the app.

To set up your wallet you will need to create a 6 digit PIN to secure it.

After setting up your PIN, navigate to "Backup Wallet" in your wallet settings and save your secret recovery phrase.

Treat your secret recovery phrase like your bank account information, Social Security number or any other sensitive password or personal information and keep it secure!

Your secret recovery phrase is how you can import your Wallet in case you change devices or forget your PIN.DO NOT share this with anyone - make sure to write it down and store it offline or use a secure password manager. Don’t take a screenshot of it or save it where there is internet access - like on your computer, written down in your notes app, or saved on your desktop. These are all places it can be compromised by hackers. If someone gains access to this recovery phrase - they will be able to access all of the assets in your Wallet and steal your FCD.If you lose this secret recovery phrase, you will also lose access to all the assets in your Wallet. FreshCut cannot help you to get access to your wallet as we do not know your secret recovery phrase, only you know it. Unlike a typical account, there is no "reset password" process. You are responsible for managing your wallet information and keeping it secure.


Once you've saved your recovery phrase, you’ve officially set up your FreshCut Wallet. Now you can manage your FCD in the FreshCut app.

Now, let's get the most common questions answered.

How do I set up my FreshCut wallet?

  • Download the FreshCut app and set up an account.
  • You can also watch this video tutorial that walks you through the process.
  • Please make sure to keep your secret recovery phrase private, offline, and secure!
  • Any questions on setup? Hit us up in Discord.

Can I use my own crypto wallet with FreshCut (ex - Metamask)?

  • We highly encourage you to create a new wallet in the FreshCut app setup flow. If you'd like, you can import your Metamask wallet - we only recommend this for advanced crypto users

Can I send my FCD to other crypto wallets?Yes.Can FreshCut access my FreshCut wallet private key?*

  • FreshCut does not have access to your private key. The FreshCut wallet is non-custodial meaning FreshCut does not custody (take care of) or have access to your funds. You are responsible for taking care of it.

Does FreshCut control my FCD?

  • No. Any FCD sent to your wallet is yours to keep and manage. You own it!

How can I keep my FreshCut wallet safe?

  • Never share your seed phrase under any circumstances. This includes to FreshCut staff, community members, fans or your fellow creators.

What is my inventory?

  • This is FCD that is not on the blockchain. FreshCut uses an inventory system to enable fast, free transactions. Think of this like any virtual currency you've used in a game. When you transfer your inventory Diamonds to your connected wallet - you are transferred on-chain FCD that you own and control. You can then send it to other addresses and out of the FreshCut app.

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