Challenges - Week of 12/5

New week, new FreshCut Challenges. Enter our Apex and Rocket League challenges by uploading your best clips to FreshCut!

Ken Wattana

Thu Dec 15 2022

1 min read

New week, new FreshCut Challenges. Have you checked them out yet?

Enter by uploading your best clips to FreshCut Creator Studio with the appropriate challenge tag. You’ll have a chance to win great prizes if your clip is selected by our hosts. Don’t forget, the community also has a say in selecting the best clips - there are prizes for Most Trending, Most Liked, Most Shared, and Most Tipped!

Squad Wipes with Naughty

  • When: Dec 5 - 16
  • Tag: #naughtyschallenge
  • Prize: $500 prize pool

Apex pro Naughty wants to see YOUR best squad wipe! Submit on FreshCut by using #naughtyschallenge and don’t forget to share it on social media.

Insane Goals with RL 6 Man

  • When: Dec 9 - 16
  • Tag: #RLGoals
  • Prize: $250 in Skins + 3,500 Diamonds

We’ve teamed up with RL 6 Mans, the world’s largest competitive RL community, for our first ever Rocket League Challenge! Share us your sickest goals with #RLGoals on FreshCut for a chance to win.

May the best clips win!

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