Announcing #BoxReviews: Our Monthly Smash Community Content Contest, Judged by Hungrybox

Announcing #BoxReviews: Our Weekly Smash Community Content Contest, Judged by Hungrybox

Kim Fogg (kimmieriot)

Mon Apr 24 2023

2 min read

It’s a little Smash crazy up in here, and we’ve got something else to add to the mix. Introducing #BoxReviews, our weekly Smash community content contest!

What is #BoxReviews? 📦👀

BoxReviews is a weekly content contest hosted on the FreshCut platform, judged by the legendary Hungrybox himself. We want players, creators, and community members of all sizes and regions to get involved and show off their stuff. Submit your content each week using the #BoxReviews hashtag on FreshCut for a chance to have your content reviewed live on Hungrybox's stream and earn some awesome rewards!

How do you participate?

Participating in #BoxReviews is easy! Simply upload your content to FreshCut using the #BoxReviews tag under the Smash Community category. Submissions can be short clips, 2-3 minutes long, and can be original edits, art, memes, discussion posts, clips and more. Any user with a FreshCut account is eligible to participate. HungryBox himself will be picking a winner for each: Doubles Clip, In-Bracket clip (online or local), the best montage, the best edit, and the Best Individual Clip each BoxReviews.

Make sure to submit your content by the weekly Friday deadline to be considered. The top performing and handpicked submissions will be reviewed on Hungrybox's live stream. Hungrybox will determine the winners on stream 📣

What's in It for Me?

Now, we know what you're thinking, "What's in it for me?" Well, we've got some seriously cool rewards for the top performers. Each category will reward the top placing clip with $250 cash! You can submit 1 clip per category and will be able to win multiple categories! On top of that, the top placing content submitter will become a FreshCut Partner ✅

The top content pieces will also receive coverage on Hungrybox’s Twitch stream during the finalist selection process. And once the winners are announced, FreshCut will provide social promotion of the winner and top three placing clips after Hungrybox's stream!

Let's Sum It Up!

So to recap, #BoxReviews is the hottest new community competition in the Smash community, and we want YOU to be a part of it! Show off your skills and creativity by submitting your content to FreshCut using the #BoxReviews tag.

You could be featured on Hungrybox's live stream and even win some amazing rewards, like cash prizes and becoming a FreshCut Partner! Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to showcase your talent and have some fun with fellow Smashers. Download FreshCut now and take part 😎

Questions? Head over to our Discord and ask away! ❤️

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