Box Reviews September Winners

We're excited to reveal the winners of the #BoxReviews Clip Submission Contest for the month of September!

Adrian Arboleda

Wed Sep 27 2023

3 min read

Welcome, Smashers! We're excited to announce the winners of the #BoxReviews Clip Submission Contest for the month of September. HungryBox and guest judge MkLeo reviewed and judged hundreds of submissions from across the globe. The submissions showcased incredible in-bracket moments, impressive edits, and jaw-dropping combos. The results are in!

Maroof 🏆

Best Raw Single clip & Best In-Show Submission

Total Prizing: $500

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"#BoxReviews has been a great series of events to showcase what the community is capable of in all fields of content creation and that diversity is what truly makes it special. For me personally, I get to show everyone why I love playing this game and how hype my character (Mega Man) is when pushed to the limit which may otherwise go unnoticed. Getting to share it with all sorts of audiences within the Smash community is truly a privilege and I hope this ignites even more people to share whatever content they enjoy making!" - Maroof

ShaZam 🏆

Best Doubles Submission

Prizing: $250

doubles clip for #boxreviews
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"Its not about clipping, its about the friends we made along the way (they dont like us very much)" - ShaZam

antinexus 🏆

Best Edit Submission

Prizing: $250

Anti-Coolyo vs Mario | Smash Bros Animation #boxreviews #Boxreviews #ssbuclips #animation #mario #smashultimate
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"They wanted something fresh for FreshCut Box Reviews, I gave them more than expected and surpassed to the top! But I'm just getting started..." - antinexus

WesNile 🏆

Best In-Bracket Submission

Prizing: $250

No Kirby Lobotomy for you this time Hbox.Consider yourself spared💀 #BoxReviews #boxreviews #competitivesmash #supersmashbrosultimate #ssbu #smashbros
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“I'm not one to care about tournament results, nor do i care about swapping off my solo main when the odds are stacked. Im an addrenaline junkie that plays for passion and hype for the sake of the spectator sport. And im glad that BoxReviews has given passionate players the spotlight that spectators love so much. I cant wait to see it enrich our communities content more in the future” - WesNile

ShredTM 🏆

Best Montage Submission

Prizing: $250

100 consecutive winstreak meta knight compilation… (this took 7 hours) #boxreviews #smashbrosultimate #smash
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"Destiny’. If you saw the montage, you understand lol. In all seriousness though thanks to the freshcut team and Hungrybox for giving players a chance to find success in the community through creative avenues in which they could never before. It puts eyes on gems that may otherwise get lost in the vast sea of the internet while simultaneously giving viewers a fun time, and that’s something really special to see." - ShredTM

Congratulations to all our winners, and a heartfelt thank you to all participants and the wider community for making this contest such a success. Keep your eyes peeled for our next one! Here’s more information on #BoxReviews.

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