Boost Your Roblox Game with FreshCut! 🚀

Enter FreshCut, with its offerings tailored for Roblox games! 🚀

Kim Fogg (kimmieriot)

Thu Jan 25 2024

2 min read

Roblox is an online platform where users can play games made by others and create and share their own games. For developers, Roblox represents an opportunity to showcase their creativity and build a following. But with so many games and creators on the hunt for attention, standing out can be a challenge. Enter FreshCut, with its offerings tailored for Roblox games!

What FreshCut Offers to Roblox Games? 

  • 📈 Access to 2M+ Roblox fans via the FreshCut community. New exposure can drive significant traffic to games - increasing player count, revenue & growth opportunities. 
  • 🏆Utilize unique promotional tools via the FreshCut In-App Loot System. Developers can drop limited UGC items, badges, mojis, etc. to players (new & existing). This gamified approach aligns perfectly with the Roblox audience, which loves interactive and reward-based experiences. Check out our previous campaign with Catalog Avatar Creator (Winner of the "Best Use of Fashion" Roblox Innovation Award in 2023). 
  • 🤝 Create custom campaigns with a wide roster of Roblox creators on FreshCut. Some of our biggest creators on our platform include NightFoxx, LanasLifeee, and Kreekcraft. Creator collaborations have been very effective in reaching the Roblox audience. 

Roblox Game Case Study: Watermelon GO x FreshCut

Last week we teamed up with to promote their game Watermelon GO to the FreshCut Community. Players completed 10K quests to earn limited UGC items and tipped $1.2K+ to support the Dev. The game gained 16K+ followers and saw 11K+ content uploads in just a few days of the campaign. 

For Roblox games, standing out in a sea of experiences can be daunting. FreshCut offers a multi-faceted approach to overcome this challenge by providing exposure, unique promotional tools, and a supportive community. We’re excited to work with your game - reach out via!

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