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Think you've got what it takes to be a FreshCut Partner? Check out some the requirements and apply in our Discord!

Frank Shotwell

Thu Dec 01 2022

2 min read

Think you've got what it takes to be a FreshCut Partner? Check out some the requirements and apply in our Discord! If you don't meet the requirements below but you believe you'd be a great fit for our platform and community, we would still encourage you to apply. We're excited to meet you!

Current Program Requirements

Creators must meet at least one of the following:

  • Have an active and good standing FreshCut account
  • Be actively posting to their FreshCut profile
  • Have at least 25,000 followers on Twitch and/or YouTube
  • Have at least 5,000 followers on Instagram, TikTok and/or Facebook Gaming
  • Average at least 2,000 views on your existing gaming clips (any platform)
  • Creators must have demonstrated the ability to create short-form gaming content (clips/highlights).

FreshCut staff reserves the ability to deny applicants who may meet any one of the requirements listed above.

Why We Require This

  • We're here to help improve the creator economy with creators who have been at the grind. You won't find newbies here, only the most dedicated and qualified creators.
  • Having a high bar for creators means a better content experience for the community and fans. Quality content means a better quality app experience.

FreshCut Partner Benefits

All FreshCut Partners get access to the program benefits. The benefits as of today are:

  • Access to our $1 Million Creator Fund: Access to campaigns that reward partners from the $1M Creator Fund such as Weekly Partner Rewards and Partner Awards
  • Fan Tipping: Partners receive 90% of all tips
  • Partner Quests: All partners receive access to specific Partner Quests in the FreshCut app
  • Weekly Partner Rewards: Gain first mover advantage via FreshCut’s Weekly Partner Rewards, a program created to reward partners with USD + FCD for being early to FreshCut
  • Operate Sanctioned Events: Earn and reward your fans by running co-branded events with FreshCut, such as game nights, tournaments, watch parties, and more.
  • Host Creator Challenges: Partners can team up with FreshCut and host their own Creator Challenges. FreshCut will supply prizes and promotions.
  • First access to FreshCut merch and beta products: Partners will have first access to see/access merch and test beta products.
  • FreshCut Playlist and Social Media promotion: Partners will get preferential consideration for inclusion inside of FreshCut Playlists and in Social Campaigns.

Ready to become a FreshCut Partner? Apply in our Discord at #partner-application!

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